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Managing creative visuals

The amount of media bookings is a significant part of the communication expenditure – thanks to our network of contacts with media service providers, we create an optimized and efficient offline media plan and manage impressions from conception to follow-up. We support our clients in creating attractive visual content: products, events, professional photos, images, and promotional films, videos for introductions to different surfaces.

How can we help?
* How do I create an effective media plan?
* Where and how should I appear in the print media?
* What professional online/offline platforms should I be present on?
* How do I communicate project results?
* I want the press to be present at my events.
* I spend a lot of money online, but it’s not effective!
* I can’t take professional photos for appearances!
* I need a new demo film.

Our media solutions
* Online/offline media purchases, appearance management
* Content and visual implementation of media
* Press relations management, press material production
* Image and commercial film production
* Photography (product, event, portrait, portfolio)
* Animation production


Online presence in line with your corporate brand

In our evolving and fast-growing world, the biggest part of any company’s marketing strategy is digital.Whether your company is long-established or an up-and-coming start-up, a modern and “visible” digital presence allows you to build a close relationship with your customers and partners. EFFIX’s experienced team keeps up to date with the latest trends, platforms and tool technologies – and is ready to
help you achieve your business and marketing goals.

How can we help?
* I want to be visible in the online space.
* My website does not meet the expectations of the modern age.
* My website does not reflect my market results.
* I want to use social media channels to build my brand.
* How do I implement effective Facebook ads and Google Ads?
* I spend a lot on online channels, but the ads don’t bring results.

Our web solution
* Design of landing pages, single pages, multi-page websites
* Full-stack development and programming of websites
* Search engine optimization (SEO)
* Click-based ads, banners
* Social media management, campaigns


Visual representation of brand values

Before we begin graphic design, we work with our clients to develop a target system that explores the target audience and brand values. Whether it’s designing a page, a logo, a creative campaign, our experienced team will always find the most exquisite representation to support the communication of any content.

How can we help?
* I do not have a well thought-out, consistent image of my company.
* The image elements no longer meet the expectations of the times!
* In modern marketing areas, my existing image is not well received.
* I need communication materials that are accepted in international markets.
* My professional services are not properly conveyed by my communication materials.
* My business is developing, I would like to update the whole image.

Our graphic solutions
* Creative design
* Logo design and redesign
* Branding identity design
* Editing of publications
* Packaging design
* Graphic design of websites and brand pages


In line with the strategy

The most difficult part of marketing for most companies is to implement it as planned – or to find a team that can take over objectively and efficiently in each area. At EFFIX, we offer everything you’d expect from a full-service agency – a short-term, sales-oriented activity with just as much success as a lengthy image-building campaign while being responsible for all its elements in one hand.

How can we help?
* We’ve won tender money, we need events, press releases, publications – but we have no experience in this.
* I don’t have an internal team to do the marketing.
* We know what we want, but we can’t do it.
* I would like to stand out from the crowd at professional events.
* We have a lot of communication tools, but they are not effective.
* Our publications need to be updated – and then printed.
* Blog? Website text? We should write, but we don’t have time.
* What corporate gifts should I give employees and partners?

Our solutions
* Implementation of communication campaigns on a full scale
* Content marketing
* Event management
* Organising events (press relations)
* Dissemination of domestic and EU-funded projects
* Promotional gifts
* Creative image carriers
* Printing services


Clear positioning, brand strategy, achievable plans

At EFFIX, we help you determine your brand’s position relative to your competitors and develop a marketing target system based on your business ideas. We identify target audiences, articulate brand messages and develop comprehensive or partial strategies that enable your company to efficiently and planfully use the tools that best fit your goals, as well as marketing solutions.

How can we help?
* I want to enter the international market, how to do it?
* I’m introducing a new product, marketing support is required.
* How do I raise awareness of my brand?
* I want to build a corporate brand.
* I’d reposition my products.
* Our internal communication is not consistent.
* How can I be more efficient in the online space?
* We would operate our marketing tools in a uniform way.

Our consultancy solutions
* Develop a corporate brand strategy
* Brand building, defining brand values
* Planning of domestic and international market launches
* Product/service (re)positioning
* Developing a market expansion strategy
* Communication strategy
* PR strategy and social media marketing
* Online and social media strategy
* Development of a media strategy
* Structure of SEO strategy
* Content management
* Employer branding design


Objective data collection to underpin business decisions

We carry out research to inform business and corporate decisions in B2B and B2C markets, focusing on our partners’ focal points. Whether you need strategic advice, performance measurement or an in-depth analysis of a specific market or organisational area, we have a full range of research methods at your disposal.

Qualitative methodology: in-depth interviews with experts and the general public, focus groups, mystery shopping, observation room.

Quantitative methods: in-hall, in-home survey, telephone survey, online survey.

How can we help?
* What do my customers really want?
* Who and to what does my target group listen?
* Who are my competitors?
* Was my campaign effective?
* Do they know me on the market?
* How am I perceived?
* To develop my organisation, where do I start?
* Is my sales network effective?
* I am entering a new market, I want to assess customers and competitors.

Our research solutions
* Market and competitor research
* Brand equity research
* Market position research
* Segmentation, target group identification
* Customer base analysis
* Usage and attitudes research
* Customer and partner satisfaction survey