Pakainé Dr. Kováts Judit - EFFIX: IFKA minősített full service marketing ügynökség - Sopron

Pakainé Dr. Kováts Judit

She is the co-founder of EFFIX. She has more than twenty-five years of experience in marketing, likes to be creative, and is an enthusiastic researcher of new trends. From concept preparation to project completion, she is responsible for the implementation of brand strategies, communication and media campaigns, market research projects, and consumer behavior research. For the latter, she also earned the title of Doctor of Economic Sciences. (PhD.). Not only does she have a high level of knowledge, but she also passes on her knowledge: as a professor at the University of Sopron, she has already introduced thousands of enthusiastic young people to the world of marketing. Her heart is community marketing. The Ligneum Visitor Center she dreamed of won the title of “Ecotourism Facility of the Year 2013”.