As the founders of EFFIX-Marketing Ltd., we are pleased to offer you the services of our full service marketing agency, which we have been providing to our partners for the second year in a row with IFKA certified expert certification.

The 2021-2027 tender cycle has started

In the new European Union tendering cycle 2021-2027, beneficiaries can benefit from non-reimbursable development funds under several tendering schemes (Magyar Multi Program, GINOP, VEKOP).

The aid intensity can be increased if the company cooperates with a certified consultant who has successfully passed the IFKA qualification procedure – this can be worth up to 20 points in the 100-point rating system.

Marketing consultancy from a certified expert

Our company has successfully renewed its expert certification, so in 2021

Within the branding and image building group
marketing consultancy and branding, or rather
creative and graphic design categories.

to help our partners achieve their strategic goals.

EFFIX-Marketing Ltd. is a member of the group of full-service companies providing focused marketing services within the above category, and is the highest scoring consultant among marketing agencies.

From proposal writing to implementation with our clients

The full range of our services is available on our list of qualified service providers page.

  • We have decades of professional experience.
  • We have developed an integrated marketing service offering for our partners, fully covering the main areas of market research, marketing and brand strategy, online-offline communications, creative design and execution.
  • As the management organisation for the InnoDental Dental- and Health Tourism Cluster
  • and the Pannon Wood and Furniture Industry Accredited Innovation Cluster, we help to develop partnerships with cluster members, which gives extra points in the evaluation of the qualification criteria for specific calls for proposals.
  • Thanks to our experience in the procedures of IFKA-linked calls for tenders, we are actively and efficiently involved in the preparation of the documentation from the proposal submission to the closure of the application process, facilitating the application writing tasks during the procedure.
  • In all cases, the final proposal is prepared in consultation with our clients and the tenderers themselves, in the form and content required to meet all the elements of the call.
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